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What is Skin Bleaching?


Skin Bleaching is a treatment we have designed to get rid of any unwanted hyper-pigmentation though out the body. Such as: under arms, bikini, inner thighs, neck, elbows, knees, etc…

The process is safe, pain free, and quick.


We start by applying a small amount of the mask on your forearm, to test the mask and make sure your skin reacts well. We have not had a single person react poorly to it.


We cleanse the areas we will be working on, and exfoliate to remove the first 2 dead layers of skin. We then apply the mask, and let it sit for 20-30 min. Wipe clean, and all done.

Sessions may require up to 3-5 sessions, depending on the amount of darkness, and how you skin reacts to the bleaching cream. Results aren't guaranteed. 


                                    Price List

Upper lip $20

Neck $50

Elbow $30- 60 (depending on how large the area is)

Knees $50

Under arms $55

Half Leg $85

Inner Thighs only $55

Bikini $85 (includes the bikini line, and inner thighs)

Full Brazilian $95 (includes the whole vaginal area, inner thighs)

add $20 if you would like to add the back side. We do NOT do anal bleachings 

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