New Year new ME Challenge


We have designed a packet for those of you who are fully committed to shredding those extra inches and pounds this year! Bellow are the instructions on how to join, the rules, and prices.


How to Join?


Easy, go to our “Booking/ Shopping” tab and purchase the New Year new ME Challenge. This will serve as your deposit. As all our deposits, this will go towards your packet. IMPORTANT! Inside the notes, please provide us with your email, phone number, and current Shirt Size (this is for your waist trainer)



What is the New Year new ME Challenge?


The  New Year new ME Challenge will consist of a 4 week challenge. In these 4 weeks you have the opportunity to shrink down as much as possible. How? We will be providing you with all the tools to succeed. Which include:


•      4 Full Body Pink Ice Sculpting treatments

•      4 Full Body Wraps

•      1 of our Colombian waist trainers

•      Meal Plan

•      Workout Plan

•      Chat room support


What do I win? The person that drops the most inches all around wins their package!




The Challenge Packet will cost $750

This price will be divided into 4 payment plans. The Join in online deposit, and 3 payments during the challenge, which will be paid the first, second, and third week of the challenge. These payments will be made at Skin Care and Body Sculpting.


Full Body Pink Ice Sculpting are normally $200 a session

Full Body Wraps are normally $75 a session

Waist Trainers are $50


This means you have the chance to save $400!!! AND the chance to win your packet money back.



When does the Challenge Start?


Start day starts  Monday February 11th

Ends Sunday March 10th

Last day to sign up will be February 6th at 7pm.



From us to you


We want you all to have fun during this, to create a healthy and fun challenge, where you have support and encouragement all the way through. We want you all to bring out your best, and create a friendly competition. With this being said, we ONLY want people to join in IF they are willing to bring in their A game! This means being fully committed to yourself and your body for 4 weeks. This means attending all your scheduled appointments, eating clean, and start moving. If you are ready to start this year on the right foot, and are looking to change the way you feel and look, then join us!