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Facial Treatments 

Here at Skin Care and Body Sculpting we pride ourselves in our Skin Care. Everyone of our Facials has its own protocol, however; we always customize each treatment, to meet the needs of your skin. Every Facial has the same goal: To optimize the health and condition of your skin. Which means no two facials are alike.


Note: All our Facials include extractions, and Light Therapy by Celluma at no additional cost to you. Why? Because we love you!



Sculpting Facial ~ Consist of Ice and Light wood massage. As well as Radio Frequency. This Facial helps to get rid of unwanted fat in the cheeks, and double chin. As well as lift sagging skin.

1 hour. $120

Packages of 3 and 12 are available.


Anti Acne Facial~ This is a perfect facial for those of you looking to clear up your skin rapidly, This is a very custom facial. As acne normally brings more than one skin issue. We customize your facial in accordance to your skin needs.

1 hour. $100


Microdermabrasion~ This a always a favorite, we use both infused crystals and Diamond Tip. This is a deep clean and exfoliating facial. Has zero down time, make up ready.

1 hour. $120


Oxygen Facial ~ This Facial is ideal for highly aggravated acne, clients with highly sensitive skin, and dyhrated skin. Rich in Oxygen, and great detox for the skin.

1 hour. $90


Micro-needling Facial ~ This is our personal favorite. This Facial is perfect for hyperpigmentation, acne scars, acne, and anti aging. We use the nano needle with high quality stem cells, and peels to see an instant difference in the skin.

1 hour. $120


Stem Cell Mesothreapy~ This facial is designed for clients 50+ to help erase fine lines and lift sagging skin.

1 hour. $130


Teen Facial ~ This is for all our teens. This facial is a deep clean to help keep the skin clear.

** If teens have sever acne we will need to do a anti acne or micro-needling. 17 and under

1 hour. $65

Stem Cell Therapy
Anti Aging 

Anti Acne/ Micro- needling

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