Body Sculpting Treatments 

  Infrared Body Wrap

Infrared Body Wrap is easy and relaxing. Simply feel at home laying on a comfortable massage bed, get wrapped and let the heat embrace you as infrared radiant energy directly penetrates your body’s tissues.

Infrared heat is commonly used for conditions such as weight loss and weight management, pain management, and improved skin overall. This relaxing heat therapy is also a great treatment for those looking to:

~ Relieve joint stiffness
~Reduce stress and fatigue
~ Burn 600 - 2500 calories per wrap
~ Completely invigorate the body 
~ Detox waste and impurities
~ Improve your immune system
~ Increase blood circulation
~ Tissue oxygenation




Fat cavitation therapy uses low-level ultrasonic waves to break your fat cells down into a liquid while leaving surrounding tissues intact. Once the fat cells have liquefied, they’re eliminated from your system using your body’s own natural elimination processes. Ultrasound fat cavitation can be used on virtually any area of your body where you’re carrying extra weight. Common treatment spots include the belly, thighs, buttocks, or back. Each cavitation therapy session only takes 20-60 minutes, making it the perfect lunch-hour treatment. There’s no downtime, and the only thing you’ll need to do to prepare is drink plenty of water.

Radio frequency skin tightening (RF)

Radio frequency skin tightening (RF)

is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin. The process provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries. RF treatment also causes apoptosis of fat cells, which leads to fat layer reduction in the treated area.

By manipulating skin cooling during treatment, RF can also be used for heating and reduction of fat. Currently, the most common uses of RF-based devices are to noninvasively manage and treat skin tightening of lax skin (including sagging jowls, abdomen, thighs, and arms), as well as wrinkle reduction, cellulite improvement, and body contouring



Vacuum Therapy

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy

Weight loss-

The vacuum creates a low atmospheric pressure, increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the lower body. Thanks to this increase in blood circulation, fats are able to be transported from fat cells into the working muscles where they can be burnt off. This increased supply of blood, nutrition and oxygen to the lower body, while exercising the muscles, results in higher metabolism, cell activity and faster fat burning.

Cellulite Reduction-

The sub-atmospheric pressure, created by the vacuum, not only activates the metabolism of fats, but also the lymphatic system, which ensures better removal of metabolic waste products. Stronger blood circulation to the skin and an enriched supply of oxygen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes act positively against orange peel skin. Long-term studies on women with a predisposition to cellulite and fat have not only shown the durability of the results achieved from vacuum therapy, but, as an added bonus in many cases, formative tissue in the affected areas has regenerated- turning back the skin's biological clock by up to 10 years.

Additional benefits of vacuum

1. Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage

2. Reduced appearance of cellulite

3. Increased metabolism

4. Burns fat faster

5. Promotes positive mood

6. Improves body profile

7. Tones and smooths skin

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